· Requires 32/64bit Windows Vista SP2 or later required (Windows XP is not supported)
· Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later

SHA-256 checksum (Installer) : 05e82791e54f36bc5fa576702391e8ada03a5c730b135a5f0e258459149ce294
Open Virustotal Report for BitTab Installer (Result: Clean)

If such dialog is shown, please feel free to proceed downloading and installation.
This message is shown because Windows® tries to block ‘small development software’ like BitTab which global download count is relatively low, without inspecting the file itself.
It does NOT mean BitTab is dangerous, but just it is not widely used by thousands of people.


Perfectly harmless

· Windows Smart Screen and/or your web browser may filter BitTab. This is because BitTab’s download count is relatively low now. Please whitelist BitTab and feel free to use it!
· BitTab does NOT deploy any kind of mining tool inside.
· No malware, no spam, no virus.
· BitTab directly delivers values of API from exchanges to your local computer.
· BitTab does NOT require any personal credentials, username or password at all.

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